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    All gifts are custom designed.



    Send us a message with the details on the occasion/event, your budget and desired theme.



    We'll connect with you on extra details for your custom gift.



    We'll deliver or ship your gift when payment is confirmed.

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    Foundations - The Gift Basket Design Book
    You’ll learn to:
    ~ Choose the right container
    ~ Select a packing method
    ~ Construct the foundation of a gift basket
    ~ Discover your inner creativity
    ~ Enhance the perceived value of a gift
    ~ Add finishing touches to your design
    ~ Tips and tricks for overcoming design challenges
    . . .and much more
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  • About Gift Basket Junction

    Deb Condo

    Owner, Designer


    Gift Basket Junction was built on the premise that gift giving should be a unique experience for sender and recipient. Each item is carefully chosen with the receiver in mind. Unwrapping the gift to discover new items is part of the fun of each experience.


    Over the years we've had the privilege of creating great designs that provide fun, excitement, joy, value and quality. We're inspired by your ideas. Whether it's turning boxes of cookies into robots or elaborating on a detailed concept to make an impression, we pay special attention to the details for a great gift giving experience.


    For the last 14 years, we made thousands of baskets, written articles and books, taught classes in our community, and coached gift business owners.


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    We're in beautiful Mesa, Arizona.

    Don't be afraid to reach out. We ship and deliver.


    Looking for a custom designed gift for an event or special someone?

    Send us a message using the template below with the details on the occasion/event, your budget and desired theme, and we will get back to you quickly.